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Hello! My name is Andreas. I'm the CEO of the Unique Code GmbH which provides modern C++ training and consulting. I use C++ for over ten years now with a strong focus on embedded systems development. I like the challenge of writing software for systems with small memory and all other limitations that arise with this kind of hardware.

You can profit from my profound knowledge by one of my classes. There I teach C++ using the latest standards, 11, 14, 17 and C++20. The new standards enable you to write less code, which implies reduced maintenance.

My motto for all programming activities is: write unique code. A mindset and philosophy I transfer in my classes as well.

Furthermore, I'm the creator of C++ Insights: See your source code with the eyes of a compiler. In case you haven't already heard of C++ Insights, it is a Clang-based tool that shows how the compiler sees your source code. C++ Insights transforms your C++ input into an enriched version with all the things your compiler adds to the source code behind the scenes. C++ Insights assists me in my training classes to explain certain aspects of C++. My classes are, in general, highly interactive with a lot of examples.

Andreas Fertig training services.

C++ Training for a code that is easy to understand

I offer training services on a broad spectrum of topics. They cover C++ programming, software design, architecture, and many topics about and around embedded systems. You get a tailored training specifically designed for your needs, or you chose one of the pre-composed training. The difference between a talk and a training is, that in a talk I'm more a storyteller while in a training I work together with the students. My goal is that they understand the content we've gone through. It is less important to me to cover every single slide. I prefer that what was covered is understood.
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All classes are available as live virtual training classes as well. See all classes

Entertaining talks on C++

Looking for a presentation on C++ that gives new insights and keeps your audience active? I speak at international C++ conferences. My appearances include talks at NDC Oslo, CoreC++, or code::dive. For a preview, you can have a look at my public talks. More
Andreas Fertig speaking at a conference.

More ease with macOS Applications

You can find many handy macOS applications written by me in the macOS App Store. Most of them will assist you during talks or training classes. See all Apps