Next open-enrollment class: C++1x für eingebettete Systeme 2021-05-17
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Training classes and Consulting

I offer training services on a broad spectrum of topics. They cover C++ programming, software design, architecture, and many topics about and around embedded systems.

We can either setup the content together, tailored specifically for your needs, or you chose one of the pre-composed training below. For a preview, you can have a look at my public talks. The difference between a talk and a class is, that in a talk I'm more a storyteller while in a class I work together with the students. My goal is that they understand the content we've gone through. It is less important to me to cover every single slide. I prefer that what was covered is understood.

Available training classes

All training classes are available in German and English.

C++1x for embedded systems (compact)1 Day / 2 DaysDetails
C++20: Five Features in Five WeeksDetails
Modern C++: When Efficiency Matters- Day / 3 DaysDetails
Programming with C++11 to C++17- Day / 3 DaysDetails
Programming with C++20- Day / 3 DaysDetails

The first length is without exercises; the second includes exercises.

All courses can be combined to create customized courses that meet your needs. Please contact me directly if you are interested in my training or consulting services.

Why a class from me?

My motto is "write unique code". I like to reduce the code written to the parts really necessary. Duplication can be handled by templates or functions such that in the end, each and every piece of code uniquely contributes to the code-base. Having only unique code reduces maintenance, and with that gives you more time to focus on your next customer need. In addition, all off my training classes are focused on practice.

The classes are either lecture only presentations or lectures with exercises. In any case, my sessions are highly interactive. I like to hear what the attendees think to give better tips and more customized class experience. Every attendee has the opportunity to participate and ask questions.

For the live-demo parts, which are an essential part of my classes, I use two tools you may have heard of:

In case you like the class in German, have a look at the German page.

What Students Say?

Excellent training!

- Shawn E.

The content was delivered in a good pace with excellent examples. Thank you!

- Sue M.

Great trainer, all questions answered.

- Steven T.