Notebook C++ - Tips and Tricks with Templates


This book is part of a series which is called Notebook C++. The idea is, that most of us have some kind of notes about do's and don'ts, how stuff works or tips and tricks to keep in mind. It is probably one of the most frequently questions I get during training classes. I have such a list too. In this series I will publish mine.

My idea is to create multiple short books (ok what is the number of pages required to call it a book or short?) about various topics. Currently, I plan to share tips about templates (this book), lambdas and trap like situations like dangling references. There will probably be more. They are available for early birds on Leanpub, however later they will also be available as a printed version.

Why several short books and not a single large one? Simply to give you a choice. Maybe you are already fine with one topic but have an interest in tips for another topic. Why then by a large book where you need only a portion of it? Another thing is, I personally like printed books. There I find smaller ones more comfortable when carrying them around like in a train or airplane. Plus they are not that heavy then, which is also a plus.

Stuttgart, January 2020

Andreas Fertig


Table of Contents[ pdf ]


As the book is unfinished yet, some thing are still under construction. However, I appreciate your feedback. In case you like to be a proof reader please contact me, if selected you get a free copy.