Class - Programming with C++20

Course Description

With C++20 we are looking at the most impactful C++ standard ever. The number of new features is impressive. With Concepts, Coroutines, Ranges, Modules, we are looking only at the big four, but there is more. C++20 comes with support for the spaceship-operator, improvements for lambdas and class template argument deduction (CTAD). Aside from Concepts, templates have improved by allowing classes as non-type template parameters. The new string formatting library std::format allows us to combine the best parts of iostreams and snprintf.

In this class, we will look at the features which have the potentially highest impact. You learn to apply the C++20 features using exercises.

After the seminar, you will have a clear understanding of what C++20 adds to the plate. You can consciously select features from the new language standard for a project and use it safely.

This course is in the planning phase. Please register below, in case you like to get informed about the final course content and possible dates.

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