Next open-enrollment class: Programming with C++11 to C++17 April 25 - 29, 2022
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Live virtual training classes

In addition to my live in-person classes, I offer live virtual training classes. You can learn with them from anywhere. My live virtual training classes mirror in-person classes, by keeping an interactive and collaborative learning environment. They are highly interactive, as my in-person classes. All in-person classes can be booked as a live virtual training.

Training classes offered

All training sessions are available in German and English.

C++1x for Embedded Systems (compact)4 half DaysDetails
Programming with C++11 to C++175 half DaysDetails

These are the same classes as offered as in-person classes. However, to reflect the fact that they are live virtual training classes the training hours are different. Virtual training is somewhat more difficult as in-person. For example, a computer screen is smaller than the visual some can see with their eyes. The environment is not exclusive and often not set up for training. Family members may pitch in. In these times you may need to take care of your kids. Due to that, live virtual classes take only half days. We alter over the week between a half day in the morning and one in the afternoon.

For my live virtual training classes I use zoom. Students don't need an account there. It allows a lot of interactive features likes screen sharing for questions or non-verbal signals like "hand raising".

Why live virtual training classes?

Live virtual training classes can happen on short notice, as no travel neither from my side nor from the students is required. For this you also get a 15% discount on live virtual classes. They can be arranged across country boundaries and with that you can easily train teams which are spread over the world (assuming we manage to handle the timezone differences).

In the current times of COVID19 reducing contact is a big plus as well.

What do students needs?

Need customizations?

All courses can be combined to create customized courses that meet your needs. Please contact me directly, if you are interested in my training or consulting services.