Git Overview


Git Overview keeps track of your Git repositories.

Git revolutionized version control. Git repositories exist almost everywhere on the hard disk. This sometimes makes it difficult to keep track of all the repositories scattered across your hard disk. With Git Overview you can now watch all your repositories. The icon in the menu bar informs you whether one of the repositories contains an open change.

The Git Overview menu shows the status of all added repositories. You can quickly see which repositories have pending changes or need to be uploaded to the remote page. Clicking on any of the items in the menu will open a terminal session in the chosen repository and get you started.

Git Overview also offer you the option "Ask On Close". If "Ask On Close" is enabled, Git Overview will note before exiting if one of the repositories has any open changes. The message prevents you from shutting down your Mac and gives you the opportunity to edit the open changes.

To keep track of your repositories, Git Overview can be conveniently started at login.


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  • See the state of multiple repositories at a glance
  • See if one of the repositories has work left
  • Stop a system shut down in case there are open changes
  • Repositories which are detached show a short SHA hash and three dots instead of the branch name

Symbol Description

Icons are show in front of a repository have the following meaning:

  • No symbol at all: Repository is up to date.
  • !: Repository is in some special state (ongoing merge, rebase, revert, ...)
  • +: Some tracked files are changed or new files are added.
  • ↓: Repository is behind of the tracking branch, pull to get in sync.
  • ↑: Repository is ahead of the tracking branch, push to get in sync.

Items with italic font are not a git repositories (anymore or never have been).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Git Overview before I buy?
Yes! There is a special trial version to help you decide whether Git Overview does what you need.
macOS claims that the trial version is damaged, what can I do?
This is Gatekeeper macOS's system protector. All my trial apps are signed with an identifier developer signature. However, you need to allow such apps in your security preferences. See Apple's support document: HT202491.
I need troubleshooting or have an enhancement request, what to do?
Great, I'm always interested in feedback. In Git Overview use the Feedback / Issue reporting item under Help or supply your request here. I try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Can't find the answer you are looking for?